Gordon F De Jong

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Demography<br
703 Oswald Tower University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone:


Gordon De Jong’s overarching scholarly interest is on internal and international migration decision-making, and consequences for the well-being of migrants. His current NICHD-funded research project focuses on the health of children of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. The specific goal of this research is to document how area of destination health and socioeconomic contexts affect immigrant child health care access to physicians and dentists, and to explain the interactions of these spatial contexts with immigrant family life course dynamics in determining child health care access. Legal vs. undocumented status of both immigrant parents and children are among the key hypothesized factors in health care access of immigrant children. This research project utilizes individual-level longitudinal data from multiple waves of the Survey of Income and Program Participation as well as multiple contextual time series data sets, including originally-collected data on the receptivity climate by U.S. citizens toward immigrant families in all U.S. immigrant destination metropolitan areas.

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