Winners of the 2014 C2LS Graduate Student Summer Supplement Competition Announced

The Center for Life Course and Longitudinal Studies (C2LS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Graduate Student Summer Supplement competition for student-initiated projects dealing with life course studies.

2014 Winners

Hannah Furnas for her research project titled “Capturing Complexities: A Sequence Analysis to Investigate Couples’ Family Planning Trajectories in Malawi.” Leslie’s work on this project is mentored by Professor Jenny Trinitapoli.

Brendan Lantz for his research project titled “Co-offending, Age, and Experience among Burglary Offenders.” Brendan’s project is being mentored by Professor Barry Ruback.

Wade Jacobsen for his research project titled “School Suspension as a Turning Point.” Wade’s research is mentored by Professor Wayne Osgood.

For more information about our Summer Supplement Awards please click here.

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